Monday, September 1, 2008

Doggie walks

Walks are always fun, but did you know it could cause stress to your doggie if obstacles aren't anticipated ahead of time?

For an always pleasant journey, consider these tips from the pro:

1. Obedience training
It is important that the when you walk a dog, they have been trained or are comfortable walking on a leash. Most are eager to just get outside and explore so obedience is essential to prevent mishaps. Having command over the doggie under all circumstances, especially when the situation turns critical, will ensure better safety for both owner and doggie.

2. How many walks a day
Walk a dog for short periods at a time, 15 minutes or half an hour. You can turn it into a one hour ordeal, but splitting it up into morning and afternoon or early night walks allows them to get their energy out at different times of the day rather than all at once, which could end up exhausting them.

3. Social skills for the dog
When you walk a dog you have to remember that a walk is a social experience for them in a sense. Depending on the dog’s obedience, allow them to greet other people and other dogs to build relationships. This will help their self-esteem and better their mood. However, do be mindful of doggies that have yet to get accustomed to strangers... forcing them to be friendly could stress them out.

4. Play & rest
Pepper your journey with short bursts of games for variety. For longer walks, doggies would feel recharged from a break to hydrate and snack, so remember to pack some fresh water an a biscuit or two.

Hope these tips will enable both you and your doggie to benefit more from your daily walks!

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