Sunday, June 8, 2008

Soccer Fever Collection

Heat up Euro 2008 with our adorable doggie soccer jerseys!

Model #:
Argentina - SF-001 (M sold out)
England - SF-002 (M sold out)
France - SF-003 (M sold out)
Germany - SF-004 (M sold out)
Italia - SF-005 (M sold out)
Spain- SF-006 (M sold out)

Available size(s):
S, M

Made of 100% cotton and machine-washable for easy care.

To order, please email or leave a comment. Please see our instructions, terms & conditions here.

Size Reference

Please note that sizes for the jersey are more fitting than others so do check the measurements above before ordering - to refer by breeds, please use the Notti Paws Size Guide.


Wawa said...

Can my chihuahua wear the France jersey S?

Ruki said...

Hi Wawa! Sure, the soccer jerseys are smaller than normal sizes. The M fits our Ruki (silky Terrier) beautifully. The S is suitable for breeds like Chihuahua and Jack Russell.