Saturday, April 26, 2008

To wear or not to wear, is that the question?

Here at Notti Paws, we believe every little doggie should be able to look their best for any occasion, because they are the light of our lives and clothes do maketh the dog too.

So the more important question is not whether they should wear clothes but how they should be clothed.

Safety & comfort are the top priorities, always. Make sure that the clothing fits properly, snug enough so a limb won't get caught where it doesn't belong, yet loose enough so it doesn't constrict.

To buy doggie apparel, always check the length of the back, circumference of the neck and girth of the chest of the item are suitable for your little one's stature. When in doubt, buying a bigger size is the better option (it can always be tailored later).

Understand your doggie's wardrobe functionality. For one, do you need to have him/her on the leash at all times? If so, a harness, collar or outfit with a leash hole has to be taken into consideration.

Are the clothes easily strapped on using velcro, snaps, zips and large buttons? Consider how easy or difficult the item is to put on and take off. If your doggie is caught or injured, will the coat be easy to remove quickly for medical purposes? Loosely-woven items can easily catch a toe or claw, potentially creating a problem.

Dogs parading in their Sunday Best should also never be left unattended. It would be disastrous if the clothing is caught on a fence/sharp edge and causes breathing difficulties. Or your dog could well decide to undress him/herself, resulting in chewing, damage or worse, choking.

And do take the weather into consideration for your doggie's comfort. Choose light fabrics for warm seasons (especially in Singapore's tropical climate) and waterproof him/her during monsoon periods. Just as shoes keep people's feet warm and dry, dog boots can do the same to ensure comfort for your doggie's daily walks.

Let your little one have a safe and comfortable time traipsing through his/her wardrobe all year round!

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